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.מיטל רז היא שחקנית ויוצרת עצמאית, בוגרת בית הספר לתיאטרון חזותי בירושלים

 .לאחר סיום לימודיה ב-2010 יצרה יצירות רבות לבמה שהוצגו בישראל ובלמעלה מעשרים מדינות שונות 

  ב-2008 יצרה בשיתוף עם אנסמבל מייקל את ההצגה ״מייקל״, ההצגה הועלתה מאות פעמים במהלך

.השנים. ״מייקל״ אף זכתה לעיבוד טלויזיוני שעלה ב-2018 בערוץ יס

   פירוט על היצירות השונות, קטעי וידאו ותמונות תוכלו למצוא כאן באתר,  כרגע בשפה האנגלית בלבד

.איתכם הסליחה




Meital Raz is a Director and performer


Studied acting, clown and puppetry in various institutes.


Graduated from the School of visual theater ( 2010)


Since 2010 working as an independent artist in the contemporary visual theater scene in Israel and abroad, creating her own work as well as participating as a performer in creations of others.


Her  works include:


The Strange Voyage of DOMONGO GONSALES the Man in the Moon - Nonsense paper theater. Based on a science fiction novel written in the 16th century by an English Bishop. Premiered at the International Festival of Puppet Theater in Jerusalem (2013)


Of Course - A Horse! -  In collaboration with designer Keren Dembinsky.

An original piece written in rhymes about a journey on a train. 

Created  for the International Puppet Festival in Jerusalem (2013) with the support of the National Lottery.


The Story Of Dummi & Dumma -  In collaboration with designer Keren Dembinsky.

A wild humoristic adaptation for an Indian story about 2 dwarfs and a tiger.

Created  for the International Puppet Festival in Jerusalem in (2012)


Elizabeth - In collaboration  with director  Itay Weiser and designer Keren Dembinsky.   

Theater performance without words using paper masks and puppets.

Produced by the Interdisciplinary Arena Theater in 2012


Michael - An ensemble creation of five players and Director (Avi Dangur , Hila Goldenberg , Natalia Faust , Nadav Hollander and Itay Weiser) created through improvisation.

Winner of prizes: " Show of the Year" and " Best Director " in Israel's  Fringe Awards competition in 2010.


Zebra - Miniature table show, without any words but with objects, puppets and fingers.

Created in the School of Visual Theater.

Premiered at POCHETTE SURPRISE puppet theater festival in Brussels.


As a performer, Meital Raz participated in various shows, among which: 


Palm Tree By Nava Frenkel 2014


Misfits By Bosmat Nossan 2013


They who are about to die By Nava Frenkel 2012

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