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מיטל רז וקרן דמבינסקי, מתוך ההצגה הסיפור על דומי ודומה

Two Indian dwarfs who like pancakes very much and find themselves in a mess with the local tiger...



Two comedians stand behind a long wooden table. On the table lies a camera, a host of tiny objects and a TV screen. The Story of Dumi and Duma is told alternatively by the comedians and the miniature objects that they manipulate, film and screen live on the TV. The voice over of a narrator completes the picture. 

Based on an Indian tale, this play tells the story of two midgets confronted by an angry tiger.

And all they ever wanted to do was eat some Holigi pancakes, their favorite Indian dish!

This colorful and humorous Indian adventure also includes Bollywood style singing and dancing, cooking with 4 hands and an unlikely pumpkin explosion that saves the day…

Miniature Object and Puppet Theater in a Classic Bollywood style

Ladies and gentleman! Mesdames et messieurs! Welcome to this crazy adventure, where we will take you to India, show you what to do when confronted with an angry tiger, what to do if by chance you are locked inside a pumpkin, and how a simple homemade pancake can save your lives! 


Yes indeed, ladies and gentleman! All those things and more using only four hands, one little camera and lots of imagination…


Fear, laughter, anguish and love in this yet unheard-of Indian adventure!

Technical Info

Duration: 20 minutes

For all ages 

Languages: Hebrew/ French/ Portuguese/Italian/English 

 *Can be recorded in any language needed!

Technical Requierments Page

Performed in:


Westflugel Leipzig Germany  11-13 May 2018

Théâtre du Pommier in Neuchâtel, Swizerland  1-2.2.2015

T-werk Theater in Potsdam, Germany 6-7.2.2015

"Gréli Grélo" festival in "Velo Theater" Apt, FRANCE 2014

"VISIONS OF THE FUTURE" festival in Bologna, ITALY 2014

"At Home" Festival in Jerusalem, ISRAEL 2013

Haïfa's annual Festival for children theater, ISRAEL 2013

Hulon's International Puppet Festival, ISRAEL  2013

International Puppet Festival Jerusalem, ISRAEL 2012

"FITO" Objects theater festival in Belo-Horizonte, BRAZIL 2012

"FITO" Objects theater festival in Recife, BRAZIL 2012


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