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The Human Nature

Physical Puppet Theater


Two women are taking an abstract approach to the human body, creating the freedom to access imagination, association and intuition, and create unique characters.


By Meital Raz , Inbal Yomtovian, Sivan Laper and Moran Sandrovich.


Performed in:


2008 –"International puppet festival", Jerusalem Israel

2008 – "Miedzynarodowy" festival, Bialystok, Poland

2008 – "Fist" festival, Belgrade, Serbia

2009 – "Tallin treff" festival, Estonia

2009 – "Poppentheatrefestival", Dordrecht, the Netherlands

2009 – Puppet festival in "Schaubude" theater, Berlin, Germany

2010 -   Central School of speech and drama , London, UK



Won the first prize in "Fist" festival, Serbia

The Life of Elizabeth

A Domestic Survival Journey


We live in a world where reality adapts itself to the images in the media

The gap between the complexity of life and the flat images that we see gets bigger and bigger.


One actress on stage, telling without words, the story of a woman cut out of a magazine in the real world.



Visual theater  with masks, puppets and objects.




By Meital Raz


Director: Itay Wiser


Scenery: Keren Dembinsky 



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