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מיטל רז, מתוך ההצגה זברה

Review on ZEBRA from FEMME Magazine (France)


A table, a lamp, a bouquet of parsley, a few characters and that's it. For Israeli puppeteer Meital Raz, her show "Zebra" is almost the anti-theater. No music or artifice, her performance is so refined that the slightest breath, every sound of fingers on the table is important.  In this story, zebras, birds and other characters are born from the hands and face of the actress a few meters from her audience. Everything goes through the gesture. A whistle, a few smiles, a touch of interactivity, everything is simple and fair. The 20 minute of the show flows like one second. Refreshing!


Minimalistic table theater with objects, puppets and fingers, without words

A small table. Ten fingers . One woman. A touching love story and a tragedy that will make you laugh with sorrow. 


This is the true story of two zebras falling in love, a bird that's having its first chick and a small child who misses his mother. 


It is also a story about flying, surprising encounters, unlikely coincidences, rejection, being abandoned and other little catastrophes.


Technical Info

Duration: 20 minutes

Audience: Adults (children over 10 are allowed) 

Languages: none

Technical Requierments Page

Performed in:


T-werk Theater, Potsdam  Germany. (2015)


Théâtre du Pommier, Neuchâtel  Swizerland. (2015)


"Puppet is a Human, Too" festival , Warsaw Poland. (2014)


Weltecho festival , chemnitz Germany. (2014)


GRELI-GRALO Festival in "Velo Theater"  Apt, FRANCE (2014)


Izmir International Puppet Days, TURKEY (2014)


TAM TAM  festival in Reunion Island, FRANCE (2013)

UNIDRAM festival Potsdam Germany (2013)

CROSSROAD festival in Antverpen BELGUIM (2012)

FITO festival  Curitiba, BRAZIL (2012)

FITO festival  Recife, BRAZIL (2012)

CLOSE TO YOU festival Taipei, TAIWAN (2011)

"FITO" object theater festival in Brasilia, BRAZIL (2010)

"FITO" object theater festival in Florianopolis, BRAZIL (2010)

"FITO" object theater festival in Campo Grande, BRAZIL (2010)

Music & theater festival, Kfar-Blum, ISRAEL (2009)

"FESTIMOM" festival, Aubagne, FRANCE (2009)

Puppet festival in "Schaubude" Theater, Berlin, GERMANY (2009)

Jerusalem International Puppet festival, ISRAEL (2008)

Herzelia art biennale, ISRAEL (2008)

POCHETTE SURPRISE  festival, Brussels, BELGIUM (2008)

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