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A Humoristic Minimalistic Journey on a Train

מיטל רז וקרן דמבינסקי, מתוך ההצגה ללא היסוס- סוס

All passengers are kindly requested to take their seats. In order to have a good and safe trip we will now listen to a number of safety instructions:


Do not put your hands out the window that’s certain! Do not touch the curtain! Do not leave your bag in the aisle, that’s great! And please - sit up straight! Make sure you are seating  in the correct seat number - do not eat a carrot - eat a Cucumber! Be polite - say: thank you, pardon, may I, please - It is better not to Travel with fleas. Do not stick your gum to your seat, if you're hungry – you Should eat! Don't eat with your mouth open - that's gross!

O!! Look out of the window ! there is a horse!


Get on our train and come with us to a wild journey to the counties of nonsense

It will take you nowhere, but it will leave you with many memories!


A Colorful inventive visual piece, written in rhymes, combining object and puppet theater, clown and more.


Created & performed By: Meital Raz & Keren Dembinsky

Design and scenery by: Keren Dembinsky

Writer and director: Meytal Raz

With the support of: THE TRAIN THEATER , and the PAIS FOUNDATION


Technical Info

Duration: 20 minutes

Audience: All ages 

Languages: Hebrew / English

Technical Requierments Page

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