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 play dead

מיטל רז ולי מאיר, מתוך פליי דד

collaboration betwin meital raz and choreographer Lee Meir.

In a series of make-believe games, Meital Raz and Lee Meir are practicing in preparation for life. They go through an accelerated socialization process that includes observation, imitation, revolt and invention. In a shared imaginary landscape they trace boundaries and then break them down. They check out what is legal and what is not, what should be and what could be, which laws “naturally” emerge and which ones are forgotten; they improve their survival skills and prepare themselves even for the worst of all. Through observing the principles of play amongst animals and children, they learn to play with full commitment, but also wonder how seriously they should take the process of play and when the play isn’t anymore fun. Everything is fatalistic, but also reversible; it’s just a game.

From the press:


… Genuinely, like only children do, the two performers lay out their longings and fears, share memories and casually invent new games. The whole piece is hilarious and deeply serious, graspable for all ages and executed with a wonderful sense of timing, facial expression and gestures "

(Isabelle von Neumann-Cosel,, 01 / 02 / 2016)

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