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They Who Are About to Die
A Place For Longing

A post-religious universe in which actions, words, people and objects rapidly transforme their  existence.


By Nava Frenkel


With Chaya Bershinsky, Yuval Meskin, Nava Frenkel, Meital Raz 

מיטל רז, מתוך ההצגה הנוטה למות


Contemporary Dance


An experiment in Dressing and undressing movement.


By Bosmat Nosan


With ‎Adi Boutrous, Shani Garfinkel, Meital Raz

The Palm Tree

A non comprehensive study of human nature


An attempt to make order in human behavior and nature behaviors in order to remember them.


By Nava Frenkel


With Shani Granot, Sylwia Drori, Meital Raz

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